WIPpet Snippet: Is there a Downside to this?

Hello Wippeteers! Holy cats, it’s been six whole months TO THE DAY since I last posted. Wow. So much has happened! I DID make that costume, then went from being unemployed to over-employed, tripped all over life and work for several months, went to Florida with my family (Cinderella’s Castle AND Hogwarts, yo!), and finally returned in time for NaNoWRiMo! Whew. Crazy. Really. Crazy. I have MISSED YOwippetU ALL! Really a lot!

But the big thing right now is NANOWRIMO! This was my 8th year participating, my 8th win, my 6th year as a Municipal Liaison, and my 3rd year leading the Teen Writing Society. I think I’m going to have to cut back next year, but those are worries for 2016 Abigail. 2015 Abigail is simply celebrating her victory! I made it to 70k in the eleventh hour, which is pretty sweet for me.

The coolest part about this year’s Nano, though, was the fantastic time I had writing with my very good friend, ReGi McClain. Couldn’t have done it without her! We rocked it rebel style and worked on a story we started in May. Together we added another 125k or so to the overall word count (which is now somewhere in the half-million words range) …but we still have more to write! No, we’re not writing a Lord of the Rings epic. But we ARE writing in a different style. Tossing out the usual narrative form and doing something a little more immediate feeling. Hopefully you got into the groove over at ReGi’s blog, where Part One of our excerpt is posted. She also did a lot more explaining than me, so it’s worth a click over if you haven’t read it, yet.

Here’s the back-cover blurb I had posted over at Nanowrimo:

Tobias and Harry are brothers. Twins, to be exact. The separated-at-birth kind. Bonus – when they’re together, they have some pretty cool super powers. Or at least they could be cool if they can ever figure out how to use them. But…there’s a downside. Turns out their bio-dad has a bad case of megalomania and wants their power for himself. That wouldn’t be so bad, except he kind of happens to command an army of vampires. So. Does anyone know how to turn this magic powers thing on? It’s kind of urgent.

Okay, so, read Part One? Cool. Here’s Part 2.

The date: 12/02/2015

The math: Um…1 + 1?

The conclusion: Two parts for the second day of December

Content warning: There is swearing. But if you can fill in the blanks without prompting, then you haven’t learned any new vocabulary, here! 😉

Gwen: *Harry says smile* *kind of overwhelmed, but caught that much* *gives crowd a weak smile, but it strengthens as she makes herself come out from behind Harry* *and then children are being placed next to her* *smiles more genuinely* *sees spots after flashes!* *humans are weird* *meanwhile, Harry is calling for Tobias* *then smells it* *it smells….* *no, it’s probably just one of the millions of scents* *but it smells like Harry’s blood* *but it’s not, he’s right there, it would be stronger* *smiles for another picture* *oh hey, I got five bucks!* *scent still there* *turns and spots Tobias, and it dawns on her* *………* Harry. *barely audible* Harry, Tobias. *points* He’s…. *grabs Harry’s hand and pulling him through the crowd toward Tobias* *because she can smell him out, now*

Tobias: *why is Nameless cursing up a storm?* *where are Gwen and Harry?* *turns around to look* *feels like his shirt is soaked, though, what’s up with that?* *looks down* *did someone spill something on me?* *looks at it, because it seems significant, for some reason* *takes a half a minute, but realizes the stain is getting bigger, the edges almost crawling around from his side* *and has a sinking feeling* *takes a step and feels….wrong….lightheaded* Um…Guys…. *gonna fall down*

Harry: *following as fast as he can* *spots Tobias and gets ahead of her, ducking and weaving through the crowd like a pro* *thank you, night clubs* *catches Tobias before he falls* What the f^^^? *hand on Tobias’ side, but can’t quite tell where the wound is* *just hand over the darkest part of the stain* *it’s sticky and hot and it gives him a bad feeling* We need to get him somewhere Teensy can heal him.

Nameless: *cursing a lot and not caring whether the humans can tell he’s there* She’s GONE! She’s f^^^ing GONE! Lost stole her. *out of his pocket!*

Harry: *pales* A f^^^ing hospital then. NOW!

Tobias: *everybody is freaking out* *please stop freaking out* I’m okay.

Gwen: *you are really not, but ignoring the comment rather than correcting him* *says nothing, but goes to work* *pulls Tobias’s shirt off, right there, so she can locate the wound* *and, yes, in front of everyone, leans down and licks the wound* *not eating, but needs to clean it to know how fast he’s bleeding, how deep the wound* *vampires do know a thing or two about puncture wounds, but they can’t heal them* *and he needs healing – he’ll bleed out, otherwise* *presses his tee-shirt to the wound, tight*

Tobias: *okay, feeling THAT* Ow! Gwen. *wants to insist he’s fine, but getting too tired to care* *almost laughs* Harry, I think your girlfriend just licked me. So something must be wrong, right? She usually licks you. *woozy, so that’s hilarious to him, but doesn’t laugh because now he’s hurting* *Gwen is hurting him*

Gwen: *what I’m doing is plugging a friggin’ HOLE with my FINGER, because tee-shirt wasn’t helping* Harry? *I don’t know what to do beyond this, this is not my world* *really, really worried*

Harry: *not really sure what to do, either, but has an idea* *throws Tobias’ arm over Gwen’s shoulder* *runs out in front of a cab*

Cabby: S^^^! *head out the window* A^^hole! If you wanna commit suicide, run out in front of somebody else’s cab!

Harry: *ignoring* *standing in front of the cab, hands on the hood, until Nameless and Gwen can get Tobias in* *everybody in?* *okay, me too* Hospital. Now.

Cabby: *sigh* *meter on* *bored* *looks behind* *and that girl has her finger in that guys side* Holey S^^^! *foot on gas*

BTW, all of this is part of WIPpet Wednesday, a weekly blog hop sharing bits and pieces of various works in progress by various writers who invariably write something so awesome it must be read, so do check those out once you’re done here. Thanks to our host, Emily Witt!